Debunking the Myth About Auto Insurance Advertising

downloadSo you turn on your radio, television or internet and see a whirlwind of ads aimed at getting your attention about auto insurance from specific companies. The ads claim to get you savings that are dramatic if only you switch your policy with theirs. They try to entice you further by promoting their objective of super-fast service.

The telling facts might raise an eyebrow or two, though. Thinking individuals in fact may question the reality of these seemingly brazen proclamations.

Switch to cheaper auto coverage? Well, if this claim is really genuine, pray tell why most drivers don’t grab the bait by discarding their current insurance with the ‘cheaper’ ones? Why, in fact, do the majority of drivers go elsewhere for their car insurance?

There’s an obvious rejoinder. The advertised auto, truck, motorcycle just ain’t what it’s made out to be – period – end of story.

Statistics reveal that the vast amount of drivers cannot procure the promised low rate spread by any social media commercial. Moreover, the advertised insurance company or direct agency that represents it has limitations. Unlike the independent agency that does direct business with many providers, the advertised company or its representative cannot shop the market for the most tailored plan for you because all they can offer you is their own coverage. The final blow of the hammer to the discussion of course is the fact that super speedy service is not a bonus in any shape or form when it comes to something as important as your business or personal vehicle protection!

Essential Facts about the Independent Auto Insurance Agency that You Need to Know

In contrast to the direct agency that deals exclusively with one source, a leading independent agency has tens of providers at its disposal, enabling it to scour the network of companies and search for a fitting policy for you – at the best rate. If you deal with an honest agency, they will explain each policy and based on your individual circumstance, help you decide on the optimum coverage – one that makes the most sense. An honest agency will never replace quality with the promise of low price because when all is said and done, an increased deductible with a lower liability at a low quote could only harm you. The honest agent understands that although the bottom line is the most competitively low quote, it cannot come at the expense of second-rate coverage!

The insurance pros at an independent agency will wave away speedy service to give you the time of day to find the best coverage options for you. What’s more, they will be available to review your current policy and let you know if it is suitable or not, before seeking an alternative.

Prime Insurance is an experienced independent agency that has won the admiration of the industry. We have been presented with many awards and been appointed to conduct direct business with more than 40 of the leading companies. We give our 10,000 plus customers our all by reviewing current coverage and shopping our wide network to find tailored coverage at competitively lowest quotes.


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