8 Great Ways to Save on Car Insurance

download (20)Car insurance will vary depending on things such as your driving history, your location, the cost of your vehicle, and the gap between your coverages. The right policy is as important to owning a vehicle as regular maintenance. If you happen to get into an accident without an active policy, you are at risk of paying millions in damages. Even a $5,000 penalty could be detrimental to some individuals and families. This is why choosing the right company is crucial for your legal, financial, and personal well-being. Now that we all know why we need car insurance, we need to know what are some important ways to save.

Eight Smart Ways to Save

1. Compare Policy Rates

Prices differ significantly from company to company. Take the time to explore as many options as you can before deciding on one.

2. Choose the Higher Deductible

If you can afford it, choose the higher deductible and pay less each month for coverage. A deductible is the amount you have to pay before your provider will cover the rest of your bill. A higher deductible can significantly lower your monthly bill.


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We Have Seen the Future of Gap Insurance and It Is Not “As Phoenix Night Star Said, Garlic Bread”

download (19)Peter Kay the star of Phoenix nights is not only well-known for his comic antics and charitable work but also for coining the phrase “I have seen the future and it is garlic bread.”

I cannot compete with Peter’s impeccable comic timing but I can try to glimpse into the future of my industry. So what is the future of gap insurance and what can we expect from our gap insurance policies in the future.

The Financial Conduct Authority has made no secret of wanting to take steps to make sure that consumers and policy holders get a faint deal. My interpretation of fair is not only price but also policy performance.

So how can gap insurance providers and insurance underwriters make sure that this happens. After all for a policy to be genuinely fair it has to work for everyone. That means that the insurance has to have terms and conditions that are easy to understand. That the policy must do exactly what both the insurance underwriters and policy holders expect it to do when and if a claim is made.

So what can we as

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Classic Car Insurance and More Tidbits

download (13)Funny, isn’t it – how an old car is only attractive if it’s considered antique or classic? For the classic auto enthusiast, the interest is more than a simple hobby. For most, it’s a passion that perhaps even supersedes the passion of an ATV, motorcycle, truck or even boat owner. It’s a pastime that involves homeowners, renters, landlords – and the full spectrum of society.

To this type of auto fan, it becomes an obsession that should flood his or her free moments – especially weekend time. So, for all of you that insurance companies write policies for – this is for you and your wonderful craze!

Exceptional Fun Facts for the Antique and Classic Car Lover

• Do you know the difference between the automobile term, horseless carriage, and the term vintage car? A horseless carriage is in reference to the antique cars that went public from 1896 to 1915 and a vintage car refers to cars made between the years 1916 and 1925.

• See if you can guess this one! How many Barracuda convertible cars were produced in all? The grand total will

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Most Affordable Vehicle to Insure

download (12)Reports by renowned publications like Forbes ranks 2015 Wrangler Sports Jeep as the car with the lowest average yearly insurance rate in The United States. According to research by some online research team, the same car also ranked as the car with the cheapest insurance rate. The study conducted by Forbes was carried out on a middle-aged driver who goes on an average drive of 12 miles daily.

The annual cost was averagely about $1,135; which is about $100 monthly. This is, of course, good news for owners of this model that is fun to drive. For prospective buyers who are still contemplating whether or not to acquire the 2015 Wrangler Sports Jeep, these incredible rates are good enough to convince them to go for the brand. All over the US, Maine had the lowest prices for the brand model with an annual bill of about $700, which translates to less than $60 monthly as the premium for a new car. A lot of consumers will appreciate this rate as a result of the recent rise in insurance rates.

Jeeps like Patriots and some other

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SR 50 Insurance – What You Need To Know

download (11)Auto insurance rules and regulations are quite similar in most places. The SR-50 policy however makes the Indiana State very unique. This is an affidavit that is used to validate driver compliance with financial responsibility mandates in the state of Indiana. Important to note is that the SR-50 is not in any way an insurance policy; it is rather a certificate that is issued by insurance carriers and sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) as proof that you, the driver, have a valid insurance policy in place.

The affidavit contains important information such as the name of the driver and driving license number of insured parties. It also has the policy’s start date and expiration dates. Unlike the SR 22 that verifies coverage for a specific period, the SR-50 verifies coverage on a specific date. This form shows that you carry minimum insurance required by the state to cover you in case of an accident. If you are a car owner, you are required to attach this form to your regular auto insurance policy but you can also attach the filing to

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Theory of Selecting Car Insurance

download (10)Selecting the right car insurance requires the similar effort as selecting the car itself. While selecting a car the market research starts months prior and one test drives almost all the cars falling in one’s budget range. But the enthusiasm drops significantly when buying insurance for that priced possession. Many people in India still consider car insurance as a statutory obligation and settle for any run in the mill insurance policy or go for popular insurance company names rather than understanding what all things their policy covers.

The process to compare cars plans is very significant from saving upon premium as well as getting better plan features perspectives. In case of car insurance it is said that one must compare plans of at least three insurance companies. The more the merrier philosophy holds true in this case. Inviting quotes from a big number of companies always works in favor of the buyer as it helps plucking out the cheapest plan in the market.

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers the owner’s damages as well as the damages of the third parties who suffer loss due

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PIP Auto Insurance

download (9)Maybe you have also heard the term PIP auto insurance, and it sent you wondering, what’s that now? Here is some light of what PIP auto insurance is all about; PIP (Personal Injury Protection) auto insurance is a type of vehicle coverage. It is added insurance cover that will clear some of your hospital bills after a genuine car accident. It will also pay for some others non-incident related charges.

PIP has so many benefits, and the most obvious one is that PIP auto insurance compensates for lost wages resulting from any serious injuries that the insured suffers. Secondly, a PIP claim will be active regardless of who was responsible for the accident; this is what insurance experts refer to as “no fault” protection.

You can get your “PIP” insurance cover for your car online within 5 minutes. You can also do shop to shop comparisons from up to 10 national carriers and then select the plan that seems to work best for you.


Medical costs are high, and they are rising year after year, maybe you have not considered that fact. There are

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Traffic Tickets Affect Insurance Rates

download (8)To keep the premium rates affordable, you must focus on safe driving

Insurance companies want to provide coverage because they basically think you are worth protecting. For them, there are generally two types of customers: safe-driver (which is the preferred class) and high-risk driver. Each type receives different treatments as the former has the bigger advantages such as discounts and generally cheaper rates. On the other hand, providing coverage for high-risk drivers is quite risky; insurers think that those drivers have tendencies to get involved in accidents. Based on this assumption, high-risk drivers will have to pay more without discounts and other good benefits. You are categorized as either safe or high risk type based on DMV’s data concerning driving records. Traffic offenses such as speeding, reckless driving, or driving while intoxicated are some of most important violations which will adversely affect your premium. Not wearing seat-belt is probably a minor one, which can be dismissed from the record after paying fines, will probably never affect anything. You can actually figure out whether you are in the “safe-driver” or “high-risk” category by using

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Underwriting Auto Policies

download (7)It is the most affordable type of auto insurance, yet it complies with state’s regulations. All optional coverage for example Rental Reimbursement and Roadside Assistance are not in the policy to reduce the premium without losing the necessary protections.

Standard and Non-Standard Insurance Market

There are two different types of insurance markets including standard and non-standard markets. The former is the typical auto insurance for drivers with little to zero traffic tickets in the driving records. Insurance companies regard consumers of this market as low-risk drivers. Non-standard is for drivers who have major traffic violations histories such as speeding or DUI. For these drivers, acquiring auto insurance from the standard market can be difficult due to strict approval requirements by providers.

Standard market insurers are reluctant to provide policies because of the following reasons:

· High-risk drivers have tendencies to commit the same traffic violations

· There is a chance that the insurer must pay a considerable amount of compensation for repeated violation

· Some drivers get their high-risk status because of policy cancellation from the previous company as a result of frequent late payment

Non-standard market insurance consumers

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Best Vehicle Insurance Coverage

images (4)It is a legal obligation of every vehicle owner to have at least state liability insurance. This is applicable in all states except New Hampshire because of its delay in passing the insurance requirement laws for drivers in the state. However, there are some confusing laws like the R-S-A 264:3 statutes that suspend your driving license and registration if your car is uninsured and you are involved in an at-fault accident.

On the other hand, as a resident of the other 49 states which accommodate more than 99% of the population of the United States, you must get an insurance policy or face legal implications that can financially cripple you. It will, therefore, be wiser to obtain the best affordable vehicle insurance coverage for complete coverage, to satisfy your state’s insurance specifications, as well as a good match for your budget. Here is a summary of the basic types of vehicle insurance

Vehicle Liability Insurance

This basic type of car insurance covers you or another insured driver on your policy, in case an at-fault vehicle accident occurs, this will compensate for the cost or the

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Is Contract Hire Gap Insurance a Gimmick or A Real Must Have for Any Owner?

download (6)Traditionally buying a new business or personal vehicle is expensive. Contract hire and lease packages had made affording a new vehicle easier than ever. The no-nonsense simplicity of the package as well as the sheer flexibility means that it is quickly becoming one of the nations favorite ways of funding a vehicle purchase.

This attraction is now not only limited to the business world, instead growing numbers of the public all keen to take advantage of the low commitment and low initial outlay that the package offers.

So is contract hire gap insurance honestly worth buying? Will it actually work and do you really need it?

The Financial Conduct Authority are keen to promote a transparent finance and insurance market. A financial market in which the public can have confidence in, safe in the knowledge that financial services will do as they expect during the life time of their policy and offer real benefits.

So will contract hire gap insurance be able to stand the test of time and live up to the expectations of the market?

Many contract hire owners are now blissfully unaware that if their

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Avoiding Increases in Auto Insurance

download (5)If you receive an update from your provider about an increment in your insurance premium, you can reduce the rates by taking some few steps. When your insurance rates are going up, don’t worry yourself, these tips will help you avoid a rise in your insurance rates and get lower rates.

1. Safe Driving

Although this sounds common, so many people are ignorant of the role their driving manner plays in determining the amount they pay as premium. The tickets you have gotten and the severity of those infractions you have recorded are key factors. Avoid the tickets if you must reduce your insurance bills. Ensure you remove any ticket you have gotten from traffic school. If all you have is a single infraction, that won’t get your rates up. On the other hand, multiple incidents, especially when you are at fault, will cause your rates to jump up quickly. Hence the need for careful driving; always have safety in mind.

2. Avoid Drinking and Driving

The fastest and easiest way to boost your premiums is by obtaining a DUI. Every year, thousands of people lost

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Why Can a Total Loss Claim Take What Feels Like an Eternity to Settle?

download (4)When a vehicle is written off can be horrific. It may even be terrifying.

Did you know that there genuinely are one million and one ways to have a vehicle declared a total loss. From fire, flood, accident, theft and everything between. From the outside looking in, some reasons many seem humours, however we can never lose sight of the fact that in some cases the scenario that leads you to make a claim can at best be described as “heart braking”.

We know only too well that when it comes to making your gap insurance claim we can never presume to know that it is an easy experience. We completely understand that time is also of the essence. In some cases you may be without transport. Depending upon what you use your vehicle for this may even mean that you are unable to work.

So if everyone understands the urgency and the need for tact when dealing with a gap insurance claim why can it take so long?

The simple and most common reason is that no gap insurance company can ever process a claim or

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Affordable Insurance in Washington D.C.

download (3)Due to the economic recess, housing rates have skyrocketed, making it unaffordable for many aspiring homeowners. However, the automobile market is doing fine in the state, and expensive and exotic autos like Lamborghinis are also recording high sales. Seeing all those cars means auto insurance firms are thriving in the zone. Although a lot of people get covered by big names in the industry, direct insurance businesses like Geico are gaining more grounds in the auto insurance market share than old companies.

A study carried out by Value Penguin reveals that Washington D.C. Auto Insurance is relatively expensive with about $2,100 as average annual premium. This estimate makes the city the costliest to insure a car in the U.S. However, don’t be scared about these rates, with a good driving record, and without any accident recorded in the past three years, you can get a moderate coverage.

Requirements for Auto Insurance in Washington D.C.

All drivers in Columbia District ought to satisfy or exceed the least requirement for auto insurance as required by the state laws. Here are the least costs for liability insurance plan


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This Is How Your Insurance Company Handles Claims

images (3)First, there should be enough data about everyone who has involvement in the accident. A complete information makes everything quicker, and it allows for more satisfactory closure as well.

After Accident

Once an accident occurs, the first thing to do is to let your insurance provider know about it. Call your independent agents or the company and provide as many details as possible. Get out of the vehicle and start writing down the other party’s name, license number, the model of the car, and contact information. Do not forget to ask for the person’s insurance information, too. If the accident involves more than two drivers, keep the same records of all of them.

Time and location of the accident are important, and this is why a dashcam is useful. Modern cameras record and save not only video footage but also GPS data. You can use the video as evidence. Some claims are not straightforward enough, so it is necessary to get all the data you can to avoid problems afterward. Photos and videos are undeniable records in this case. Even if you do not have a

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The 6 Strangest Car Insurance Claims Ever

images (2)1. You animal you! Imagine that you’re a gardener who is innocently buying some plants at a nursery. You stroll along to your car and as you near it, you see a passing camel inexplicably jerk out its hind leg and kick your car! Well for one man, this wasn’t a hypothetical situation. It really did happen, and although this gardener’s insurance company was indignant about the validity of his claim, he was fortunate enough to obtain footage from a local television company who happened to be filming in the area and accidentally caught the camel’s surprise act on camera.

2. Fly trap. A car insurance claim was submitted with the simple explanation of ‘I crashed because I was trying to kill a fly buzzing around in my car.’ We wonder if the insurance company paid out? Unlikely…

3. Stranger than fiction. In a claim that sounds more like something that was scripted for a movie, a shamefaced man had an ill stroke of luck. Firstly, this poor fellow was involved in a fender bender with the vehicle in front of him. He then reversed

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Could You Get a Lower Auto Insurance Premium?

download (2)The rule of thumb to get the lowest possible auto insurance premium is to shop around and compare prices from several companies. The competitive auto insurance market leaves the door wide open for a bargain, but those bargains are only found when customers do their due diligence. Every insurance company has a different set of variables they use to calculate and determine premium rates for new applications and renewals. They use DMV record updates to obtain a list of all traffic tickets and accidents that their policyholders generate over time.

New, or long-time, insurance customers can always use the directory in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to locate all available regulators in the state. The official website of the Department of Insurance also offers a buyers’ guide and comparison features across companies. Higher prices often mean better services and an easier claim process, but that is not always the case with auto insurance. Many affordable policies from less popular names also deliver quality protection and for less money. A lot of independent websites offer comparison functions to help customers find the best

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Understanding the Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

download (1)Every year around this time dealers in Florida start getting inundated with marketing Campaigns offering dealer bonds. It’s license renewal time and as we all know, providing the state with a $25,000 surety bond is simply one of those necessary evils.

It’s surprising to me how many dealers I talk to don’t understand what the bond does and why the state requires it. Let me try to answer some of the most common questions.

What is a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

The general definition of the bond is a financial guarantee that a licensed dealer will comply with the terms of any written contract in connection with the sale of a vehicle and that the dealer will not violate any of the Florida laws governing dealers.

The key term in that definition is financial guarantee. Since dealer bonds are typically written by insurance companies, they are often mistaken as insurance products. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. An insurance company that issues the bond is simply telling the state of Florida that this dealer is financially able to “make good” on any violations up to the

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Debunking the Myth About Auto Insurance Advertising

downloadSo you turn on your radio, television or internet and see a whirlwind of ads aimed at getting your attention about auto insurance from specific companies. The ads claim to get you savings that are dramatic if only you switch your policy with theirs. They try to entice you further by promoting their objective of super-fast service.

The telling facts might raise an eyebrow or two, though. Thinking individuals in fact may question the reality of these seemingly brazen proclamations.

Switch to cheaper auto coverage? Well, if this claim is really genuine, pray tell why most drivers don’t grab the bait by discarding their current insurance with the ‘cheaper’ ones? Why, in fact, do the majority of drivers go elsewhere for their car insurance?

There’s an obvious rejoinder. The advertised auto, truck, motorcycle just ain’t what it’s made out to be – period – end of story.

Statistics reveal that the vast amount of drivers cannot procure the promised low rate spread by any social media commercial. Moreover, the advertised insurance company or direct agency that represents it has limitations. Unlike the independent agency that does direct

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5 Things You Must Know to Avoid Being Fooled by a Car Insurance Agency

images (1)Buying a car is like a dream come true, and also a matter of Pride. Before buying a car person does much research about the company, latest model, comparing prices and much more, they even take a suggestion from friends and family. For most of the people, the car is a family member. After you have welcomed your brand new car at home, you should also ensure its security. Owning a car is life’s biggest investment, you save for a long time to buy your dream car. But, just possessing a car is not enough, you need to protect your investment.

Car insurance is a very obligatory documentation, which every person owning a car must have. But before opting for a car insurance company, one should first do ground work, compare various insurance companies policies and services, analyze their past work and so on. These days, many virtual companies may approach you for buying insurance from their company, even there are some who have fake services, which does not exist in the real world. So, before considering any company for your brand new car,

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